The Williams Brothers

Chris Williams
My name’s Chris… and I like to party. To be honest those days are mostly over. I’m growing up and not liking it. I miss my childhood. The days where I could spend all day watching cartoons, playing with legos and of course watching movies. My favorites were horror. Time flew by as I got older and more into movies. My tastes opened up to include all sorts of movies; foreign, indie, blockbusters, cult classics and whatever genre Bill & Teds Bogus Journey fits into.
      Enter the Chris of now. Browsing the intertubes I came upon a video, Red vs. Blue: Zombie Plans. Afterwards I thought, “what would my zombie plan be?" Thus was the beginning of Dead Meat.

Patrick Williams
Patrick here, and I like to party. Actually, we're done with the Hot Rod quotes. On a serious note, I'm an English instructor at a community college and University of Phoenix. I have a passion for poetry, fiction (mostly grotesque stuff), an undying devotion for speculative fiction. Zombies and B horror films were a pivotal element of our childhood, and we felt we could make a contribution to the literary zombie niche. My brother and I started collaborating on online comics, and eventually, the ideas rolled into Dead Meat as a graphic novel. Since we didn't have the time and couldn't come to a particular artistic style for the graphics, we just made it into a book. Enjoy.