October 27, 2013

Good news everyone!!

To all The Dead Meat fans out there!

We have two bits of news for you guys. One, We've some what started on a squeal to Dead Meat: A Horror Novel called Dead Meat: The Remaining. I know we've mentioned this before but I figured we should say it again. Though it has been started on, we are not sure when it will be completed. We are shooting for March-ish of 2014.

Second, We've decided to post short stories dealing with the Dead Meat universe on the blog. We are going to TRY for weekly but we'll see what happens.These shorts will give you a glimpse into the lives of survivors during and after the "rabies" event. We Will only be going by the timeline set by Dead Meat and nothing more. I feel this will be a great learning experience for Pat and I and a great reading experience for you guys.

Next time you hear from us there will be something to read.

Christopher Williams & Patrick Williams

July 20, 2013

The Remaining

Hey guys, we finally have something to update you with. Patrick and I plan on creating a trilogy. Above is a black and white version of the cover graphic for the second book titled "The Remaining". All i can really tell you right now is that we have the plot pretty much fully fleshed out. and that it starts exactly where the first left off. we will be back on here to update you further. For now just give us your thoughts on the graphic.