May 30, 2012

Addendum to the Tour

Originally this link was not listed on our blog tour, but I want to bring it to your attention anyway. It includes and well written review and excerpt from the published version! The excerpt comes from what we believe to be one of the most intense sections of the book where Gavin, Benny, and Clyde attempt to run from the strip mall to meet Rickett in the parking lot. A swarm approaches and chaos ensues!

Check out the review at Tea and Books.

Also, if you haven't done so recently, head on over to Amazon to catch up on some of the latest reviews, and make sure to leave a review of your own!

May 23, 2012

Moving Along...

As you can see, the blog has had a few changes over the last week. We’re moving from a blog solely about Dead Meat to a blog that encompasses our work in general. I’ve mentioned in previous posts and emails that we plan to work on a few projects, one being the series of novellas taking place in the Dead Meat world. Instead of being super repetitive by discussing those previous posts, let me fill you in on some updates.

1. Chris has uploaded a teaser trailer for Dead Meat. Let us know what you think.

2. We have an upcoming blog tour which we’re really looking forward to. The schedule for the tour is as follows:

Just Heard, Just Read, Just Seen
Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More
Words I Write Crazy
The Lucky Ladybug
My Cozie Corner
Ce-Ce`s Garden of Reviews
Wickedly Bookish
Adventures of Frugal Mom
All Things Writing

3. We’ve also been posting on another blog featuring other Permuted Press authors, such as Scott Baker, Craig DiLouie, Thom Brannan, etc. The posts cover a variety of topics. For example, Chris posted the first part of his analysis of Peter Pan. My first post on the blog covers the dark persona that comes with writing horror fiction. We highly suggest that you check it out.

4. We’ve received our first audiobook review for Dead Meat. You can check it out at The Guilded Earlobe.

If you haven’t done so, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join our mailing list for updates on blog posts and reviews.  We will be updating this blog multiple times a week, so keep checking back!