November 15, 2010

A long long time ago.

Chris here.

As you can see we are gonna start posting updates here on the site. The story's still here. All chapters are to your right and the "Beginning" button is up at the menu. We've been away for a bit and for that we are sorry. I feel as if we are letting you down by not updating you guys on the book and its progress. But this post is all about doing that.

First off, Pat and I tried working together face to face on it and that's not working to well because of Pat's work schedule. To keep a consistent pace, I'm working on our notes and revising/editing/rewriting. On our "Dexter Sundays" I bring the new version to him and we will polish it up make needed changes and make it sound good. Now I'm guessing you would like to know our progress?

The first thing we did was decide to combine chapters. So the first chapter "Benny" Will contain chapters 1-6.We did this because those are the chapters that most focus on Benny himself. We have also cut way down on Benny's harsh language and almost totally rewritten the girl and the glass scene. If you remember they were on the roof looking down at her as she broke the door. After reading and rereading that part, we decided to have them stay inside the store. It's a first person story and we can only see what Gavin sees. From the roof, if she fell in then he would only be able to see her legs. Having them on the inside gives him a full view and maybe some interaction with her. we are also changing how they get into Wondermart. For now that is what I will leave you with.

If you guys have any suggestions on what changes should be made and where or just have some ideas you think we could add, let us here them. I'm sure we will get a kick out of them and hey, they might inspire us. I hope to update often and have lengthy posts as well.