September 10, 2011

The Future of Dead Meat

Hello, Dead Meat fans!

Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten about us, especially since we have some nice news to share. Permuted Press, our longtime sponsor, will publish Dead Meat for the masses. We’ve worked with a wonderful editor (Felicia A. Tiller-Sullivan) and hopefully churned out a great version of the text that still holds true to our take on the zombie apocalypse.

It’s been a long process: the composition, revision and editing. We spent years working on the text, as life didn’t make collaboration super easy, and we’re happy that we’ve come to this point. If it weren’t for the support of the readers and fans, we don’t know what would have happened with the manuscript.

As of now, Permuted Press should release Dead Meat in early 2012. No exact date has been set as Permuted has been handling a slew of books lately. We’re happy to be a part of the Permuted family, and we’re happy to finally release a copy we feel is worthy of putting on a shelf.

We’ll keep you updated on other projects that may surface soon, especially since Chris and I have been kicking around some good ideas, primarily a collection of small novellas, so stay tuned!

Thanks to all of you.
Chris & Patrick Williams