June 16, 2011

Finally, an update

Ok, ok so we haven't been posting much. Mostly cause we haven't had any real news. That's going to change though. Things are happening, we just can't yet say for sure. As you can see though the sites NAV bar is gone and made much simpler. We've also done away with The River's Edge blog. Mainly because no one went to it. But Lets get to the real news and updates. We Have begun to make use of our Twitter accounts, @DeadMeatNovel and @deadmeat2 so be on the look out for tweets. We are also going to make better use of our Facebook page as well.


We are looking to make a trailer and are in need of fans who have the ability to record voice overs and can get a voice for each character. Also a photographer who can get a model for each character and get props, ex. truck, aluminum bat and zombies! If you feel you can do this send some sample work to us via email. Another post will be coming soon. But untill then spread the word about and the story! the more readers the better!

Peace out!